JDBL is a simple and flexible layer for moving data between Java objects and a relational database. It allows for direct, elegant use of SQL without the tedium of JDBC.

JDBL is probably for you, if you:

If you feel JDBL may be the answer for your data access needs, take a few moments to see what it can offer. We've tried hard to make it simple, powerful, and performant, while building it from the ground up on a clean design. We have taken a few kicks at this can before, and we hope we've nailed it this time around.

To see how JDBL looks like in action, take a look our quick example, or browse the documentation. Last but not least, JDBL is Open Source and you are always welcome to jump in and contribute!


May 9, 2005: JDBL Site goes live

The JDBL site is up-and-running! We will continue to add content and improve the rendering in various browsers. Meanwhile, please report all problems to